The green grass and many good ideas. “We printed flyers and went to the IAA Automobile Show Frankfurt in September 1990. My husband promised potential customers a delivery schedule of just before Christmas, but we do not even have a production hall! I was under constant shock!” says Angelika Kresch, CEO REMUS from the very beginning. “I knew it was virtually impossible, but we were going to make it!” and indeed it turned out that way. Under full pressure, the production hall was completed and the production started. “During the morning in the production, during lunchtime and in the evening working on R&D and in between, training staff and optimizing production techniques. As a team, we were able to successfully manage all our duties says Otto Kresch, CEO REMUS.

That is how the wolf began its string of successes and continues to do so. In less then 5 years, REMUS managed a dynamic leap to become world leader in the manufacturing of sport exhausts

In 5 different expansion stages, the production area was increased over the years and in spring 1999 reached a massive 12.000 square meters.

In 2002 the new Research and Development centre was opened, this opened up many different avenues in the development of mechanical and acoustic features for sport exhaust systems.

In 2006 a new hall was build with approximately 5.000 square meters production space and featured a state of the art logistic centre to serve the demands of different markets and clients.

Today, not only tuners but many well know vehicle manufacturers are REMUS customers. Over 90% of the production and increasing steadily is exported to over 60 countries world wide.

From an idea, an ambitious plan and only 5 employees, REMUS become over the years a renowned international business and is today a major global partner in the development and manufacturing of many types of exhaust systems.

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